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A weekend hackathon competition where teams of designers, developers, tinkerers and thinkers get together to build something from start to finish in just 2 days. Creations should be technology focused but can be digital like apps and software or physical products.

Ticket costs are to cover lunch, snacks, coffee and pizza.

On completion teams pitch their ideas and completed products to a panel of notable judges. There is a cash prize (details to be announced) for the overall winner and bragging rights for the most creative, best use of theme, best physical product, best virtual product etc...

This year, we introduce a learning stream based on CodeHS (codehs.com)...this is an outstanding, and very easy to use environment for anyone wanting to learn the basics of programming (and some handy Javascript too). Certainly, for families at home...a great way to get everyone coding. We have a number of mentors who will assist the learning stream at the Hackathon...and once a few of the sessions are complete, people can jump into projects...and build stuff, on their own or with others. There will be a prize for the 'Best Learner'.

The event is organised by volunteers and local tech entrepreneurs with a view to encourage the formation of a startup and maker culture within the Bega Valley shire, as an outlet for creative individuals and as experience for the local tech community to showcase their skills.


More on this later

Participants, please understand :- 

  • The judges are doing their best and have given time out of their busy lives, unpaid, to select a winner
  • Yes, it is an arbitrary and imperfect process


Greater information about submission requirements will be provided during the early part of the Hackathon.

Hackathon Sponsors


$550 in prizes

Best Overall

This is the project which rated the highest in the above 5 categories of Technical Merit, Community Benefit, Presentation and Communication, Domain Specialty Commercial Application and Appropriate use of technology. (Is this person/team prepared to take their idea to the Griffin Accelerator in Canberra to seek commercial funding (we may have a VoxPop from Craig Davis))

Best fun hack

Ideas don’t have to be profitable or business focused to be good. The Best Fun Hack award goes to the project that brought joy to judges and fellow hackers alike. It could be a game, robot, anything that’s fun!

Community First Award

We live in a regional location and face challenges in increasing our embrace of technology and automation, our community will benefit from talented people who can introduce ideas with commercial potential.

Hackers choice award

Vote for who you think did the best hack/work

Best Learner

From our Learners Stream - the individual who showed the most enthusiasm, worked the hardest, and tried to helped others.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Alison De Kleuver

Alison De Kleuver
Ernst & Young, Executive Director, Programs and Operations

Peter Heather

Peter Heather
Bega Cheese, Group IT Operations Mgr

Scott Baker

Scott Baker
Bega Council, Programs and Partnership Officer

Ben Smyth

Ben Smyth
Bega Disctrict News, Editor

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Merit
    how good is your solution compared to others, what new approach have you taken, what technical limitations have you identified and how will you address those
  • Community Benefit
    How will your solution help other humans, and on what scale
  • Presentation and Communication
    Did you communicate your idea well to the judges?
  • Domain Specialty
    How revolutionary and ground-breaking is the project within its sector? Amongst other solutions to similar problems, how cool is the hack and how well does it solve the problem?
  • Commercial application
    How well have you identified and/or addressed a commercial opportunity. Does the hack stack up against commercial alternatives, but have some advantage given some refinement? Does it represent an untapped commercial opportunity?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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